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Our Volunteer organizations in Berkeley, CA
Tibetan Aid Project Volunteer

Tibetan Aid Project

Tibetan Aid Project rebuilds, preserves, strengthens, and perpetuates Tibet’s cultural and spiritual heritage for the benefit of the Tibetan people and all humanity.

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Primary focus:

  • Funding the production, shipment, and distribution of sacred texts, art, and prayer wheels for donation to institutions and individuals in the Himalayan region.

Other activities:

  • Sponsoring ceremonies important to sustaining the lineages of all Tibetan Buddhist schools.
  • Providing financial support for monastic centers, lamas, monks, nuns, and lay people.
  • Promoting awareness of Tibet’s heritage in the West through publications, presentations, exhibits, and the production and sale of culturally significant items.

Learn more by visiting the Tibetan Aid Project website. Join us as a volunteer!

Guna Foundation Volunteer

Guna Foundation

Guna Foundation produces documentary films, archives historical footage and creates photo exhibitions all in-house at our studio in Berkeley, CA.

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Guna Foundation’s series of films will continue to present an in-depth perspective on the impact of the activities of Tibetan Nyingma Meditation Center (TNMC).

Guna Foundation seeks to document the vision, accomplishments and impact of work to preserve the endangered Tibetan culture. Moreover, Guna Foundation seeks to share the specific achievements of the organizations founded by Tarthang Tulku as well as to explore their larger implications for the wisdom traditions of Tibet and Buddhist civilization as a whole.

Learn more by visiting the Guna Foundation website. Join us as a volunteer!

Dharma College Volunteer

Dharma College

Dharma College is committed to igniting personal and global transformation by helping people unlock the power of their minds.

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Dharma College’s interactive classes, which are grounded in both Eastern and Western wisdom traditions, spark the insight students need to change stale mental patterns and make a stronger connection to the world. Dharma College encourages the participation of people of all ages and backgrounds, whether spiritual seekers or those simply curious about the possibilities for new, transformative knowledge.

Learn more by visiting the Dharma College website. Join us as a volunteer!

Mangalam Research Center Volunteer

Mangalam Research Center

Mangalam Research Center (MRC) for Buddhist Languages conducts research into the terminology of the Buddhist written tradition in canonical languages and in translation.

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In cooperation with visiting scholars and scholars in residence, it offers training, workshops, and conferences in language, the Buddhist written tradition, Buddhism and Western thought, and related fields.

MRC programs, classes, and studies aim to trace issues related to key Dharma terminology in Sanskrit, Pāli, Gāndhārī, Tibetan, and Chinese, and to encourage work in the field of translation studies and the intellectual and historical resources of the West.

Learn more by visiting the Mangalam Research Center website. Join us as a volunteer!

Center for Creative Inquiry Volunteer

Center for Creative Inquiry

Center for Creative Inquiry (CCI) was founded in 2000 to explore alternate forms of knowledge and inquiry and their potential to bring about fundamental change at the individual, cultural, and social level.

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The mission of CCI is to advance knowledge in fields that matter in today’s world, and to improve people’s lives and sense of well-being by introducing them to new ways of acting and knowing, new ways to be creative and overcome limitations.

The vision of CCI is to help individuals contribute to society and their own well-being through introducing and supporting more creative forms of inquiry. Our goal is to cultivate learning that makes a difference, using non-traditional forms of inquiry.

We do not want to change people’s experience; instead, we want to show them the hidden depths within ordinary experience, the extraordinary within the ordinary. We do not want to make people feel good; we want them to understand what keeps them feeling bad.

Learn more by visiting the Center for Creative Inquiry website. Join us as a volunteer!

Light of Buddha Dharma Foundation International Volunteer

Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International

Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International (LBDFI) works to restore the Buddha Sasana in India. The Buddha Sasana is the culture of Buddhism, established by the Blessed One and transmitted through the centuries by the Sangha of Venerable Monks and their lay supporters.

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LBDFI works to fulfill its vision through four main activities:

  • Support for Pilgrimages and Ceremonies
  • Development of Pilgrimage
  • Training of Monks
  • Printing of Dharma Books

Learn more by visiting the LBDFI website. Join us as a volunteer!

Nyingma Trust Volunteer

Nyingma Trust

Nyingma Trust has been established to help support the group of practitioners who have been guided by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, the Head Lama of the Tibetan Nyingmapa Meditation Center since 1969.

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Our community members live simply and receive no salary for their contributions of time, energy, and individual skills. Members devote themselves full time to the Bodhisattva practice of compassion, wisdom and preservation of the Dharma.

In addition to the full-time requirements of our projects in text preservation, publishing, temple and stupa construction, landscaping, and numerous many other projects that further the mission of the Tibetan Nyingma Centers, members have for many years performed daily offerings and ceremonies, which are held several times a month at the Odiyan Stupa and Odiyan’s temples.

The Nyingma Trust hopes to gather substantial funds to ensure that this community of devoted practitioners can safely and securely continue their study and practice of the teachings of the Nyingma tradition. The funds raised by the Trust support our longevity as a strong community that both sustains the vision that Tarthang Rinpoche has set in motion, while finding new ways to offer the Dharma to the world.

Learn more by visiting the Nyingma Trust website. Join us as a volunteer!


Prayer Flag Project Volunteer

Prayer Flag Project

Tibetan Aid Project makes prayer flags to generate healing energy and to help support our mission. Prayer flags are silk-screened on nylon sailcloth and sewn by skilled volunteers to a finished size of 42 inches x 56 inches.

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According to Tibetan tradition, prayer flags imprinted with sacred images and mantras transmit healing energy into the world through the power of the wind. Prayer flags empowered by mantras affect natural, elemental forces on a subtle level, beyond ordinary human perception. As they fly in the wind, the flags exert a protective, balancing influence on the environment and generate benefit for all sentient beings.

Learn more by visiting the Prayer Flag Project website. Join us as a volunteer!

Nyingma Institute Volunteer

Nyingma Institute

Nyingma Institute offers a full schedule of evening and day classes, retreats, weekend seminars, and lectures on traditional Buddhist studies, meditation, Tibetan Yoga (Kum Nye), Skillful Means (integrating work with spiritual practice), and other teachings presented by Tarthang Tulku.

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Over the forty years since it was established, the Nyingma Institute has played a major role in preserving the sacred art and books of Tibet. The story of the Nyingma Institute and of all the organizations that Tarthang Tulku has founded is one of hope and renewal. A culture and an incredible way of life with a vast literary and artistic tradition were in danger of being lost to the world. Programs and activities at the Nyingma Institute reflect the attitude that we can do something of value for the world and for ourselves at the same time. Introspective practices and ancient teachings are taught in a way that integrates them into a dynamic and engaged lifestyle.

The Nyingma Institute, open to the public, houses a bookstore and a meditation garden with a traditional Buddhist Stupa and large prayer wheel. Each Sunday the Institute presents free programs beginning at 5p.m. with Tibetan chanting and concluding with a free talk from 67p.m. Upcoming 2015 class sessions run from August 31–September 25 and from October 5December 11.

Learn more by visiting the Nyingma Institute website. Join us as a volunteer!

Our Other Volunteer organizations
Odiyan Retreat Center Volunteer

Odiyan Retreat Center

Odiyan Retreat Center is comprised of about a thousand acres of ridges and meadows. The heart of the Odiyan Center is the Copper Mountain Temple, a three-dimensional mandala rising eighty-five feet high.

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Protected by a perimeter fence, 144 acres are landscaped with eighteen gardens, eight orchards, four man-made lakes, and two vegetable gardens.

A celebration of the human potential that belongs to us all, a home for the Dharma in the West, the traditional temples and libraries of Odiyan restore and preserve the ancient symbols, rare sacred texts and art that connect the heart and mind to the Path of Awakening.

Learn more by visiting the Odiyan Retreat Center website and the Odiyan volunteer website.

Ratna Ling Retreat Center Volunteer

Ratna Ling Retreat Center

Ratna Ling Retreat Center offers an inspiring and peaceful environment for conferences, retreats, and personal getaways. It is located 90 miles north of San Francisco on 120 acres of redwood forests and meadows.

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Ratna Ling Retreat Center focuses on education, health, and spiritual well-being for the resident volunteers, students and guests. Inspired Learning in the Redwoods is one of the many programs offered at Ranta Ling specializing in continuing education units (CEUs) for licensed therapists.

Guided by Tibetan Buddhist principles, Ratna Ling strives to share what is best and most beautiful in this precious human existence and to embody and transmit wisdom, compassion, harmony and depth of caring.

Learn more by visiting the Ratna Ling Retreat Center website and the Ratna Ling Work-Study website.

Sarnath International Nyingma Institute Volunteer

Sarnath International Nyingma Institute

Sarnath International Nyingma Institute’s (SINI) primary mission is to help support the development of classical Buddhist languages, sacred art, medicine and culture for the benefit of all.

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The SINI provides a unique opportunity for students, researchers, and practitioners, from around the world to deepen their studies in a interdisciplinary approach to human development, social well-being, and environmental stewardship, bridging the wisdom, knowledge, and best-practices of the East and the West. The SINI was founded by Tarthang Tulku in 2007 and formally inaugurated on December 13, 2013.Learn more by visiting the SINI website. Join us as a volunteer!

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